12.03.2014 - Will platinum, palladium and silver outperform gold this year?
So far this year gold has probably been the best performing asset class of all having risen around 12% to date. But, within the overall precious metals sector, silver has only moved up a seemingly disappointing 7%, platinum 8% and palladium perhaps an even more disappointing 5% - despite analysts almost being unanimous in their views that the platinum group metals (pgms) in particular will outperform given the ongoing industrial action in South Africa, the world’s largest producer. The South African situation is potentially severely disrupting supplies, while the global economy is seen as being in a recovery phase, which should indeed be a positive for the pgms given that within the Western recovery – and also with ongoing Chinese sales increasing – the automobile sector seems to be doing particularly well and that is the principal user of pgms, especially palladium...............................................Full Article: Source