10.03.2014 - Bitcoin may bite the dust, but the notion of a digital currency will endure
Cryptocurrencies – in whatever form they take – could alter the way we do business by making online transactions easier. If I had a bitcoin for every person I've met in the past six months who told me that bitcoin is a scam then I'd be a rich man. Or a poor one, depending in which day of the week we're talking about. Watching the exchange rate for bitcoins over the past month is like seeing the outline of a rollercoaster on the horizon. On 7 January, for example, a bitcoin was trading at $934; by 27 February it was down to $528; and on 5 March it was $678. So I guess that if you were "investing" (ie speculating) in the things, you'd feel as sick as any Alton Towers customer on a bad day...............................................Full Article: Source