04.03.2014 - Will JPMorgan, Barclays leaving commodities be worse for consumers?
In the FT’s Commodities Daily report last week, commodities editor Neil Hume made the observation that the commodities trading landscape is changing. He is referring specifically to the mass exit, wholly or in part, by many of the banks that have dominated the market over the last decade. Declining client interest in a sector that no longer holds the bull narrative of the commodities supercycle is partly to blame, it seems, but growing attention from regulatory authorities is also cited as a threat to the freewheeling ability of the major players to make the money they once did. Goldman Sachs is sticking it out, and so too is Citi, both major players across multiple activities in the sector, but JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Barclays are all pulling back exposure or exiting completely...............................................Full Article: Source