17.01.2014 - Goldman’s Currie still looking for $1050 gold, bearish on all commodities
Goldman Sachs Head of Commodities Research, Jeffrey Currie, was nothing but consistent in his 2014 gold price forecast and is sticking to his $1050 target for gold by end 2014 – a figure he first came up with in the first half of last year. Thus he feels that gold’s relatively strong start to the current year is likely to be shortlived and, as in 2013, gold will likely shed value throughout 2014. Now, the principal problem for gold bulls with Currie’s forecasts is that they can tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies given the God-like status of Goldman Sachs in financial markets. Currie famously told clients to sell gold short in April last year – just two days before many big gold investors seem to have followed this advice and the gold price plunged...............................................Full Article: Source