22.02.2013 - iNVEZZ explores 2012's record levels of property investment by sovereign wealth funds
James Navarro de Paz begins his news item on property investment by quoting a study undertaken by the Sovereign Investment Lab (SIB) at Bocconi University in Milan, which shows that in 2012 a record portion of sovereign wealth fund investments were in real estate assets, bringing some diversification to the typical portfolio mix of stocks and bonds. De Paz continues by observing that the SIB report records a total of 38 property investments valued at around $10 billion (₤6.37 billion) in 2012. Although the total size of the investment is below the $13.4 billion (₤8.54 billion) achieved two years ago, it comprises a record 21 percent of the investments made by sovereign wealth funds last year. The iNVEZZ news piece quotes Andrew Rozanov , head of sovereign advisory at Permal Investment Management Services, who observes that the low yields of bonds and high volatility in the stock market have turned real estate assets into an attractive investment alternative. Rozanov points out that a property investment doesn't just help diversify a portfolio, also it also protects against inflation. (Press Release)