23.09.2013 - After peaking in 2011, gold has lost some of its shine
After peaking at $1,900 an ounce in August 2011, gold prices tumbled to $1,181 an ounce in June as the economy improved, inflation stayed low and investors worried less about finding a safe haven for their money. Prices had rebounded to $1,307 an ounce by Wednesday, but that was still 31.2 percent below 2011’s high. To say Nevada’s miners are a little nervous would be like saying refined gold bars are kind of shiny. “The bear market has lasted longer than many people expected. In the last couple of years, a lot of companies have been treading water, holding their claims and hoping prices go up and allow them to raise capital for exploration,” said Mike Visher, deputy administrator of the Nevada Division of Administrators. “This is not a good time for weak stomachs.”.....................................Full Article: Source