20.08.2013 - The commodity investor: Supercycle isn't dead; That's why you should be buying commodities
Commodity prices have corrected, making it a ripe time for countercyclical investments. Investors in the commodities markets are going through a malaise that we haven’t seen since the late 1990s. For the first time in more than a decade, many are wondering out loud whether the “commodity supercycle” is dead. The commodity supercycle — a term coined in the early 2000s — is a theory that commodities began a long-term cyclical bull market in the 2000s. This bull market is driven by fundamental factors including the rise of the emerging-market consumer class, increasing urbanization trends and rising incomes around the world. As a result, prices of commodities from gold to soybeans were set to rise. Recently, this theory has come under fire for not being an accurate reflection of the current state of the market...............................................Full Article: Source