30.04.2013 - The beginning of the silver age
A lot of people were knocked out of the gold and silver market because of panic during the last two weeks; they capitulated or sold short near the bottom. Many others exclaimed that the gold age was over. However, I see the rising sun in the morning. Both gold and silver will start a new age. In this paper, I’ll try to tell you why we are in the beginning of a more splendid era for gold and silver. I’ll also share with you why silver will be a supernova in the following decades. If you ask me which words I’d like to use to describe the gold and silver market in the last two weeks, “Capitulation, rivers of blood” is my answer. According to the Weekly Commitments of Traders Reports released by the CFTC, the net long of small speculators decreased by 24,310 contracts for gold and 7,846 contracts for silver from April 9 to 23...............................................Full Article: Source