08.02.2013 - Gold and commodities considered best investment for 2013
What do you think is the best investment this year? MPO Research Group asked respondents to predict which investments will yield the best returns in 2013 and found that opinion is divided. Gold and commodities earn the most support as the best investment this year: 27.8% of respondents choose this option. Cash is also popular, selected as the best investment by 23.4% of respondents. Real estate is preferred by 21.3% of respondents and stocks by 20.2%. Bonds are the least popular investment, preferred by only 7.3% of respondents. Expectations for gold and commodities show an inverse relationship with expectations for one’s personal financial future. 51.9% of those who expect a significant decline in their personal finances expect that gold and commodities will be a good investment this year. (Press Release)