17.01.2013 - Bringing home the bullion
Gold bugs are never the kind of people to take any piece of news at its simple face value. There’s always got to be some sort of feverishly dark motive behind China’s latest change to its bullion sales regime. The Viennese authorities have surely got to have had a reason for that massive issue of memorial gold coins? And why is a London shopping mall selling 250 gram gold bars from a vending machine at £11,000 a pop? Damn you, Bilderberg, what are you up to? So the news that Germany has decided to bring €27bn worth of physical gold back to Frankfurt, from its normal resting place in various parts of the globe, is more reason for excitement. What evil thing does the Bundesbank know about New York, the home of some 1500 tonnes of German gold, that it isn’t telling us? ..............................................Full Article: Source