25.11.2011 - India’s currency: Rupee and the bears
The result of headless-chicken financial markets or a canary in the coal mine? India is grappling with this question. On November 22nd the rupee fell to an all-time low against the dollar. The speed of the rout (see chart) has been scary for a place that was supposed to be largely insulated from the rich world’s troubles. It is 20 years since India had a balance-of-payments crisis and for a long time the talk has been about it becoming an economic superpower. But there lingers a memory of when it felt it was a financial hostage to the world, and this helps explain the whiff of panic now in the air. Mumbai’s financial types say that firms are scrambling to find dollars and that desperate euro-zone banks, which supply about half of India’s foreign loans, are cutting off credit lines.............................................Full Article: Source