08.10.2008 - SWF investment shift from western markets to Middle East, North Africa and Asia
Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are shifting investments away from the United States and Europe and into the Middle East and Asian economies. The trend, highlighted by Monitor Group, an advisory and consulting firm, in its April – June 2008 quarterly analysis of global SWF investments, indicates that SWFs are not exploiting current US or European downturns, but are focused on building opportunities in potentially lucrative emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia. Indeed, investments in these regions accounted for 68 per cent of the total value of all publicly-traded deals in this period. In the second quarter of 2008 (Q2 2008), funds in the Monitor SWF transaction database executed 43 deals totaling $26.5 billion. In contrast those funds executed 42 deals totaling $58.3 billion during the previous quarter (Q1 2008)..... Full Press Release: Source