Fri, Dec 9, 2016
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04 Dec. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Has world economy reached the high-point of globalization and open markets? Hedge fund news, week 48 [more]
26 Nov. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: LatAm hedge fund performance surges to 33% YTD : hedge fund news, week 47 [more]
19 Nov. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: For first time since 2008 more US investors redeem than invest in hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 46 [more]
12 Nov. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Wall Street and some hedge funds found without Plan T: hedge fund news, week 45 [more]
05 Nov. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Investors who dump hedge funds are missing the bigger picture: hedge fund news, week 44 [more]
30 Oct. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Industry wide leverage of 2.6x lifts total hedge fund assets to $7.2tln: hedge fund news, week 43 [more]
22 Oct. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Strong returns push hedge fund assets to new highs while some replicator ETFs halved: hedge fund news, week 42 [more]
15 Oct. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds shrink posting second strongest decline since 2009: hedge fund news, week 41 [more]
08 Oct. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Global healthcare, emerging markets and Japan push fundamental growth hedge funds to +4.35% return YTD: hedge fund news, week 40 [more]
01 Oct. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Liquid alternatives, large hedge funds at crossroads: hedge fund news, week 39 [more]
24 Sep. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: SEC shakes hedge fund industry with Cooperman insider trading case: hedge fund news, week 38 [more]
17 Sep. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Fewer hedge funds launch but also fewer fold: hedge fund news, week 37 [more]
10 Sep. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Latest research vindicates hedge funds' stock picking skills: hedge fund news, week 36 [more]
03 Sep. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Investors redeem from hedge funds at a scale comparable to 2009 global financial crisis: hedge fund news, week 35 [more]
27 Aug. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund assets grew $8.8bn in first half of 2016: hedge fund news, week 34 [more]
20 Aug. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hurdle rates become the norm and more creative for hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 33 [more]
13 Aug. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds struggle with insufficient returns, overcapacity: hedge fund news, week 32 [more]
06 Aug. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds and alternatives more attractive for Asian institutional investors: hedge fund news, week 31 [more]
30 Jul. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Long term study shows institutions achieve diversification and higher returns through hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 30 [more]
23 Jul. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: ESMA says no significant obstacles for AIFMD passport to Canada, Guernsey, Japan, Jersey and Switzerland: hedge fund news, week 29 [more]
17 Jul. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Diversification and value for money to dominate hedge fund allocations: hedge fund news, week 28 [more]
09 Jul. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: North American investors account for 62% of capital committed to hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]
03 Jul. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Not all hedge funds withstood Brexit shock: hedge fund news, week 26 [more]
25 Jun. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Redemtions, losses and some gains for hedge funds after Brexit vote: hedge fund news, week 25 [more]
18 Jun. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds shrink as liquidations outpace new launches in Q1: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]
11 Jun. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Majority of institutional investors view hedge funds as top investment strategy: hedge fund news, week 23 [more]
04 Jun. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: $1bn hedge fund Club still saw net inflows despite pullout from NYCERS and MetLife: hedge fund news, week 22 [more]
28 May. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Listed hedge fund assets in UK drop from GBP9bn to just 3bn: hedge fund news, week 21 [more]
21 May. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund managers continue launching UCITS funds: hedge fund news, week 20 [more]
15 May. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: 282 US public pensions, 20% more than 2010, invest in hedge funds with 10% average allocation: hedge fund news, week 19 [more]
07 May. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: With searches on for $20bn new hedge fund mandates, institutions don’t follow NYCERS: hedge fund news, week 18 [more]
02 May. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: South Korean hedge fund growth to buck the trend: hedge fund news, week 17 [more]
23 Apr. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Despite falling hedge fund assets, industry sees high quality launches: hedge fund news, week 16 [more]
16 Apr. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Funds of hedge funds need at least $4.4bn to survive and thrive [more]
09 Apr. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: A bunch of top hedge funds suffered losses in March: hedge fund news, week 14 [more]
02 Apr. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Some US mega hedge funds gain ground again in Q1: hedge fund news, week 13 [more]
26 Mar. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds gain by mid-March but still down for the year: hedge fund news, week 12 [more]
19 Mar. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Clerkenwell Matterhorn real estate hedge fund up net 91% since inception in Sept. 2012: hedge fund news, week 11 [more]
12 Mar. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Florida’s State Board of Administration content with hedge fund returns and fee level: hedge fund news, week 10 [more]
05 Mar. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: One third of investors search for new alternative investments: hedge fund news, week 09 [more]
27 Feb. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Investors to add hedge funds, quant strategies in 2016: hedge fund news, week 08 [more]
20 Feb. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Warren Buffett’s chosen index in commanding lead over hedge funds : hedge fund news, week 07 [more]
13 Feb. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Short hedge funds and managed futures shine in early 2016: hedge fund news, week 06 [more]
06 Feb. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Investors put $29bn in quant hedge funds reversing 2014 trend: hedge fund news, week 05 [more]
30 Jan. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds beat equities. liquid alts in 2015: hedge fund news, week 04 [more]
23 Jan. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Only 72 hedge funds launched in 2015, down from 149 in 2012 : hedge fund news, week 03 [more]
16 Jan. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds brace, fund liquidations up 25%: hedge fund news, week 03 [more]
09 Jan. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: Continued institutional demand ensures billions of hedge fund inflows also in 2016: hedge fund news, week 01 [more]
02 Jan. 2016 Opalesque Roundup: As China counts 24,625 hedge funds, managers globally hope for better opportunities in 2016: hedge fund news, week 53 [more]
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  1. Institutions - Texas County & District culls 5 hedge funds, reallocates to existing managers, Kentucky board gives final approval to halve hedge fund portfolio, $38bn Finnish fund moves assets to U.S. as Europe flounders, South Korea’s National Pension Fund holds 5% stake in 62 listed companies[more]

    Texas County & District culls 5 hedge funds, reallocates to existing managers Texas County & District Retirement System, Austin, continues to reduce the number of hedge funds, but not the size of its $6.2 billion hedge fund portfolio. It will redeem a total of $760 million from five hedg

  2. Opalesque Roundtable: Australian family offices search for good risk adjusted returns, happy to pay for skill[more]

    Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia: Australian family offices want foremost good risk adjusted returns, and they are happy to pay for the skill, and in some cases, the limited capacity of an active manager. Jonas Daly, Head of Distribution at B

  3. StepStone announces close of Swiss Capital acquisition[more]

    StepStone Group LP announced it has successfully closed the acquisition of Swiss Capital Alternative Investments AG, one of the leading private debt and hedge fund solutions providers in Europe. The transaction was originally announced in May 2016, and has been in the process of receiving regulatory

  4. Investing - Stephen Cohen investing $275m in free clinics treating veterans' mental health issues, California Resources loses favor with hedge funds[more]

    Stephen Cohen investing $275m in free clinics treating veterans' mental health issues From …Now, a new chain of free mental health clinics for vets has opened in five cities across the United States to fill the gap. The much-needed new treatment is underwritten

  5. Hedge funds flat in last week of November 'in sympathy with markets’[more]

    Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia: Hedge funds were close to flat in the last week of November in sympathy with markets, which took a pause ahead of the OPEC meeting and Italian referendum. The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index was -0.1% as of end November 29 (-1.7% YTD), according to the latest