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Robust Forecasting for EM and Frontier Markets
Radio Feature 135: Sona Blessing in conversation with David Vavra
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

radio David Vavra is a managing partner at OGResearch, a boutique forecasting and consulting firm, that specialises in monitoring and modelling, emerging and frontier market macroeconomic risks.

In this Podcast he shares insights on, amongst others:
- How they condition and adapt their models and forecasts based on observing and identifying stress factors and how these propagate through financial markets
- Achieving model robustness by focusing on structural relationships as opposed to embracing a strictly statistical approach
- The ability to differentiate between perceived and actual risk and how these forecasts can be used to navigate and determine investment opportunities

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Listen to the complete feature
Robust Forecasting for EM and Frontier Markets

Duration: 10:37 


Or listen to selected sub-features
  • Q1 - Could you talk us through your approach to macroeconomic modelling?

    Duration: 01:43 

  • Q2 - What sort of indicators and data points does the model use, and what sort of forecasts can it make?

    Duration: 01:15 

  • Q3 - Could you share a case study to illustrate how you condition and adapt a model?

    Duration: 01:03 

  • Q4 - What is the time horizon for these forecasts, and how often are they updated?

    Duration: 00:46 

  • Q5 - How does the model behave in the context of unexpected and big, global-market-swing like events?

    Duration: 01:07 

  • Q6 - How would you say your approach differentiates itself from other providers?

    Duration: 00:37 

  • Q7 - Could you elaborate on a currency trend using an example?

    Duration: 00:55 

  • Q8 - Based on your model could you share some investment forecasts for 2017?

    Duration: 02:05 

  • Q9 - How do you customise a model?

    Duration: 01:08 

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