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Jim Rogers: Optimistic on Russia, North Korea, Investing in Agriculture and the USD
Radio Feature 114: Sona Blessing in conversation with Jim Rogers
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

radio In this podcast Jim Rogers shares his thoughts on the economies of the U.S., Japan, BRICS and his asset allocation strategy.
He comments on whether there will be a Grexit, why he is optimistic on Russia and North Korea (expects the unification of the latter with South Korea) and why, despite the fundamentals he favours and is invested in the USD ...

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Jim Rogers: Optimistic on Russia, North Korea, Investing in Agriculture and the USD

Duration: 11:51 


Or listen to selected sub-features
  • Q1 - What is your outlook on the growth prospects in the U.S. - do you see the recovery underway as being sustainable?
    Or, do you see the U.S. economy entering a recession sooner rather than later?

    Duration: 01:41 

  • Q2 - Will there be a Grexit?

    Duration: 01:08 

  • Q3 - Isn’t the Grexit like a double edged sword: if they left the E.U. there will be trouble, but if they stayed, wont it impact the other member states that have introduced austerity measures?

    Duration: 01:14 

  • Q4 - What is your opinion on Japan and its economy?

    Duration: 01:06 

  • Q5 - What are your views on China’s “new normal” economic development strategy? Is it sustainable?

    Duration: 01:16 

  • Q6 - Besides China, do you believe there are investment opportunities in the BRICS?
    What about Indonesia and Korea?

    Duration: 03:14 

  • Q7 - Given there have been marked pull-backs in commodity prices – how are you looking to invest?

    Duration: 00:49 

  • Q8 - You adhered to not investing in the Japanese Yen. So which currencies do you favour?

    Duration: 01:24 

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