Mon, May 21, 2018
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User Testimonials on Active Trader Forum

"Particularly in these times of enormous volatility, a professional resource like the Active Trader Forum pays for itself many times over."

Robert B. Ladd, Managing Partner
Laddcap Value Advisors LLC

"When I need information on a stock quickly I always look in the Active Trader Forum first. When I need the edge, that's where I go. The information flow and color rivals that of any high powered trading desk on the street."

David C Nelson, CEO
DC Nelson Asset Mgmt. LLC.

"The Active Trader Forum is informative and very timely. I have tried various other chat forums and have found them self promotional and stale. The quality of the participants, the strong direction of the moderator and the integrity of the information make the forum world class. I find it helpful in generating shorter term trade ideas and helping me make good buy and sell decisions on my longer term positions."

Greg Tuerk, President
Trabuco Capital Management

"The forum allows me to access the collective wisdom of an exclusive group of well-informed market participants, speeding up my buy and sell decisions, so that I no longer feel like the last guy in a trade."

Ben Kopin
Dundee Long/Short Investment Mgmt

"The moderator has put together a group of great professionals in his forum."

Alan W
30 year trading veteran

User Testimonials

"2010 is my 5th year in the community. Timely, profitable calls, with seasoned trader commentary."

Robert Ingram,
San Diego

"I believe the exclusive nature of Active Trader Chat invitational screening process has led to an elite forum full of timely investor intelligence."


"The Active Trader Chat is the first place I go for timely informed opinions."