Mon, Nov 30, 2015
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29 Nov. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds’ most loved stocks performed the worst: hedge fund news, week 49 [more]

In the week ending 27 November, 2015, hedge funds’ most favorite stocks reported the worst performance this year, data from Goldman Sachs’ latest Hedge Fund VI

21 Nov. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Netflix and Paypal are now the favourite holdings of hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 48 [more]

In the week ending 20 November, 2015, several U.S.-based hedge funds reduced their holdings in Apple in Q3 as shares of the iPhone maker dropped sharply; Netflix and Pay

15 Nov. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Over half of hedge funds hit with prime broker fee increases: hedge fund news, week 45 [more]

In the week ending 13 November, 2015, EY's 2015 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey showed that hedge funds are confronting the impact of financial market regulations and challenges of evolving prime broker relationships. Regulations such as Basel III and Dodd-Frank have caused banks a

07 Nov. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: China's crackdown of hedge funds a prelude to more regulatory tightening: hedge fund news, week 46 [more]

In the week ending 06 November, 2015, In Asia, Shanghai police raided the office of Zexi Investment as part of crackdown on strategies blamed for worsening sto

31 Oct. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: CPPIB backs new quant hedge fund set up by former SAC, Citadel, Highbridge execs: Hedge fund news, week 45 [more]

In the week ending 30 October 2015, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has invested money with new quant hedge fund Engineers Gate. According to Reuters, New York-based Engineer

24 Oct. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Performance-related losses caused hedge funds' worst assets decline since 2008: hedge fund news, week 44 [more]

In the week ending 23 October, 2015, hedge funds reported their worst assets decline since 2009 because of performance-related losses. Data provider HFR said

17 Oct. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: New technology activist hedge fund sees short opportunities in tech bubble: hedge fund news, week 43 [more]

In the week ending 16 October, 2015, emerging managers Mark Blaxill and Matt Stack have teamed up to launch a technology activist fund to tap into te

10 Oct. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund managers deplore short term investment horizon of investors: hedge fund news, week 42 [more]

At a hedge fund roundtable set up by Opalesque in the Netherlands, managers pointed out that the longer the investment horizon, the better investors

03 Oct. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: IRAs represent billions of untapped capital for hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 41 [more]

In the week ending 02 October, 2015, Opalesque reported that self-directed IRAs represent billions of dollars in untapped capital for hedge funds; Aberdeen As

26 Sep. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund launches and liquidations fell through the first half of 2015: hedge fund news, week 40 [more]

In the week ending 25 September, 2015, a study by HFR has found that hedge fund launches and liquidations fell through the first half of 2015 as finan

19 Sep. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund managers' outlook divided between global recession and bullishness: hedge fund news, week 39 [more]

In the week ending 18 September, 2015, hedge fund managers are divided in their market outlook. Some managers are bracing for a global recession by selling stocks and commo

12 Sep. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Small hedge funds produce better returns during times of crisis: hedge fund news, week 38 [more]

In the week ending 11 September 2015, Researchers at City University London found that smaller funds hold up better than their much larger counterparts when the world is going ha

05 Sep. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: A number of hedge funds, both big and small, are recording double-digit gains this year: hedge fund news, week 37 [more]

In the week ending 04 September, 2015, a number of hedge funds, both big and small, are recording double-digit gains this year, mostly showing positive performance; hed

29 Aug. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Australian study debunks hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 35 [more]

In the week ending 28 August, 2015, a study by Monash University in Australia showed that most hedge fund managers are passive, not active. Active management should be manifest through nonlinear exposure to the sys

22 Aug. 2015. 51% of institutional investors allocate to hedge funds but 20% have a negative perception of the asset class: hedge fund news, week 35 [more]

In the week ending 21 July, 2015, a study by Preqin showed that four out of five (79%) institutional investors invest in at least one alternative asset class. Private equity, hedge funds (51%) and real estate are the most targeted alternative asset classes, with the vast majority of inv

15 Aug. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: New flows into hedge funds mostly from fixed income, not equity portfolios: hedge fund news, week 34 [more]

In the week ending 14 August, 2015, Agecroft Partners has predicted that the hedge fund industry assets would increase a quarter trillion dollars by summer of 2016,

08 Aug. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: 25 high-quality hedge fund launches in Asia pull in $5.32bn in capital: hedge fund news, week 33 [more]

In the week ending 07 August, 2015, reports said 25 high-quality new hedge fund launches in Asia pulled in as much as $5.32bn in capital. An increasing number of Asian fund managers recognize the attractions of

01 Aug. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Equity long/short, event driven, global macro most demanded hedge fund strategies – hedge fund news, week 32 [more]

In the week ending 31 July, 2015, a survey by Credit Suisse showed that 93% of surveyed institutional investors intend to maintain or increase their hedge fund allocations in the second half of this year.  Equity Long/Short, Event Driven, Global Macro and in Asia Multi Strategy are their most

25 Jul. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund assets rose to 11th consecutive quarterly record level: hedge fund news, week 31 [more]

In the week ending 24 July, 2015, the total global hedge fund industry assets rose to the 11th consecutive quarterly record level in 2Q15 to $2.97tln; Eurekahedge reported that hedge funds raised $93bn in the first six months of 2015; The SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator for July 201

18 Jul. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: More M&A deals in asset management firms: hedge fund news, week 30 [more]

In the week ending 17 July, 2015, on the M&A scene, the number of asset manager deals per year has grown by nearly 50% since 2010. 2014 was a tremendously busy ye

11 Jul. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: All hedge fund strategies lost in June on Greece worry: hedge fund news, week 29 [more]

In the week ending 10 July, 2015, all hedge fund strategies incurred negative performance and lost in June on concern with the Greece crisis, said Lyxor AM; m

04 Jul. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: By 2020, alternative investments will be so mainstream that 'alternatives' label will be dropped: hedge fund news, week 28 [more]

In the week ending 03 July, 2015, PwC said that the alternative investment industry’s assets could grow to $13.6tln within the next five years. By 2020, alt

27 Jun. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Record launches in Q1 push number of hedge funds to over 10,000: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]

In the week ending 26 June, 2015, HFR said that hedge fund launches totaled 264 in 1Q15, the highest level since 2Q14, bringing the total number of hedge funds globally to 10,149. Gottex Asset has launched its Multi-Asset Growth Fund; Citadel is planning to launch a new equities business bas

20 Jun. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: One third of hedge funds' growth in 2015 from new investor allocations as assets reach $2.23tln: hedge fund news, week 26 [more]

In the week ending 19 June, 2015, Eurekahedge said that hedge fund assets have increased by US$92 billion in the first five months of 2015, with one-third of this increase coming from new investor allocations. Total industry AUM stands at a record high of US$2.23 trillion. The SS&C GlobeOp

13 Jun. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Asia becoming a ‘sweet spot’ for hedge funds, U.S. investors: hedge fund news, week 25 [more]

In the week ending 12 June, 2015, reports claimed that Asia is fast becoming a "sweet spot" for U.S. investors, as U.S. stocks are expected to lose some steam; Japan

06 Jun. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: 227 investors globally have $1bn or more invested in hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 24 [more]

In the week ending 05 June, 2015, reports claimed that 227 investors around the globe that have $1bn or more in assets invested in hedge funds. A total of 51 investors have in

30 May. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Mass affluent and high net worth assets to reach $100tln as alternative investments grow in popularity: hedge fund news, week 23 [more]

In the week ending 29 May, 2015, the mass affluent and HNW (high net worth) segment was estimated to represent 8% of the global population, but their assets account for more than 86% of liquid wealth. Their total liquid wealth may grow to nearly $100tln by the end of 2018. Traditional asset classes

23 May. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Large hedge funds close to outside investors to manage own money: hedge fund news, week 22 [more]

In the week ending 22 May, 2015, it was reported that big hedge funds are closing their firms to outside investors and deciding to manage their own assets; Jana Partner

16 May. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Can hedge funds use celebrities for endorsement? Hedge fund news, week 21 [more]

The week ending 15 May, 2015 saw a discussion if or how hedge funds could use celebrities to market their products. Meanwhile, certain industry players warned that startu

09 May. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: The top 25 hedge fund managers were paid $11.62bn in 2014: hedge fund news, week 20 [more]

In the week ending 08 May 2015, reports said that the top 25 hedge fund managers reaped $11.62bn in compensation in 2014. In other miscellaneous hedge fund news, Fairtree Capital

02 May. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Unintended consequences - small investors face higher fraud risk from small PE, hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 19 [more]

In the week ending 01 May, 2015, a study was published pointing out that smaller investors looking to land big hedge-fund and private-equity returns are falling prey to small-time o

25 Apr. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Number of hedge funds at record level: hedge fund news, week 24 [more]

In the week ending 24 April, 2015, there are now more hedge funds launched than ever as investors have the choice of an estimated 10,149 hedge funds and funds of hedge funds as of March 31; BlackRock has launched two new funds which provide investors with hedged exposure to European and Japan

19 Apr. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Helped by dollar gains, hedge funds produce best quarter since 2013: hedge fund news, week 17 [more]

In the week ending 17 April, 2015, hedge funds have enjoyed their best quarter since 2013 as their big investments on the rise in the U.S. dollar paid off; the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is in the final stages of deciding how it will add to its mix of alternative investments; the

11 Apr. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: IMF study says mutual funds along with ETFs and hedge funds pose risk: hedge fund news, week 16 [more]

In the week ending 10 April, 2015, a study by the IMF suggested that “plain-vanilla” mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, as well as hedge funds, can also be a risk. The asset management manages over $75 trillion assets globally, exceeding 100 percent of world GDP, the IMF said. In part

04 Apr. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Climate in Europe, best since Lehman collapse, spawns multi billion hedge fund launches: hedge fund news, week 15 [more]

In the week ending 03 April, 2015, it was reported that at least five new hedge fund companies are on track to launch with at least $1bn this year as the climate in Europe has changed to the extent that it is “more constructive and fertile than it has been at any time since [the collapse of]

28 Mar. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Liquid alternatives need to fill education gap to capture massive growth opportunities in retirement market: hedge fund news, week 14 [more]

In the week ending 27 March, 2015, a white paper by Pershing Prime Services has predicted that the retirement market may be the next frontier for

21 Mar. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds beat S&P year to date: hedge fund news, week 13 [more]

In the week ending 20 March, 2015, hedge funds showed strong performance of 2.52% so far in 2015, Preqin said; hedge funds are outpacing stocks in 2015, various da

14 Mar. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: March sees launch of new mega hedge fund: hedge fund news, week 12 [more]

In the week ending 13 March, 2015 it was reported that a fearless David Fear has launched Thunderbird Partners hedge fund with $1.5bn in assets. At least 73% of hedg

07 Mar. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: 75% of institutional investors show interest in smaller, newer hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 11 [more]

In the week ending 06 March, 2015, a study by Deutsche Bank showed that institutional investor are looking to work with larger fund managers who can meet th

28 Feb. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: dbSelect’s top ten FX strategies averaged almost 10% in January, trouncing hedge fund returns: hedge fund news, week 10 [more]

In the week ending 27 February, 2015, a majority of hedge fund managers have identified regulation as the biggest challenge facing the industry this

21 Feb. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund launches continue unabated: hedge fund news, week 09 [more]

In the week ending 20 February, 2015, hedge funds have started their 2015 performance in the black as the Preqin All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark gained 0.07% in January; 36 South Capital gained 2.5% from central-bank surprises; Dan Elsberry said he expects hedge fund returns to catch up w

14 Feb. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund assets raise again after fall of 3.28% in January: hedge fund news, week 08 [more]

In the week ending 13 February, 2015, investors raised their hedge fund bets in February as asset subscription rose .63%; the hedge fund industry redeemed $29.1bn in December, its largest outflow since April 2009; Passage to India Opportunity Fund tripled investor’s money in 2014 after gainin

07 Feb. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: More hedge funds to convert to family offices: hedge fund news, week 06 [more]

In the week ending 06 February, 2015, Philippa Allen has seen a trend for hedge fund managers to convert to family offices and expects it to continue this year. Andrew Bellas and Alexander Captain have resigned from Tiger Global to launch their own hedge fund firms; Scott Phillips

01 Feb. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund industry’s asset growth mostly from performance: hedge fund news, week 06 [more]

In the week ending 30 January, 2015, AIMA and CAIA said investors earned $1.5tln in assets from hedge funds over the last 10 years; Barclays said that the hedge fund industry’s assets more than doubled to $2.85tln in six years mostly from performance; BlueMountain Capital management

24 Jan. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Markets brace for more losses at financial firms from SNB move: hedge fund news, week 04 [more]

In the week ending 23 January, 2015, in the ongoing Swiss franc saga, Marko Dimitrijevic said he was closing his largest hedge fund, the Everest Global Fu

17 Jan. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds ponder how to open up and communicate with public: hedge fund news, week 03 [more]

In the week ending 03 January, 2015, a study found that quite a hedge funds are beginning to think about and execute communication strategies. Irwin Latner told Opalesque

10 Jan. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Best hedge funds in 2015 are those that can take advantage of sharp market moves: hedge fund news, week 02 [more]

In the week ending 09 January, 2015, Tim Ng predicted that the best-performing hedge funds for 2015 will be those that can take advantage of sharp market moves; Byron R. Wien predi

03 Jan. 2015. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds may get up to $110bn new inflows in 2015: hedge fund news, week 01 [more]

Among outlooks, eVestment said that asset flows into hedge funds are likely to remain steady over the course of 2015. Baring a large and unexpected global or

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