Sat, Jul 23, 2016
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23 Jul. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: ESMA says no significant obstacles for AIFMD passport to Canada, Guernsey, Japan, Jersey and Switzerland: hedge fund news, week 29 [more]

In the week ending 22 July, 2016, On the regulatory front, European Union watchdog ESMA said no significant obstacles would exist to extend the AIFMD passport to Canada, Guernsey, Japan, Jersey and Switzerland. However, market access equivalency concerns remain in respect of Hong Kong, Singa

17 Jul. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Diversification and value for money to dominate hedge fund allocations: hedge fund news, week 28 [more]

In the week ending 15 July, 2016, a survey by Willis Towers has found that investors’ focus on diversification and value for money will continue to domina

09 Jul. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: North American investors account for 62% of capital committed to hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]

In the week ending 08 July, 2016, it was reported that North America-based institutional investors account for 62% of capital committed to hedge funds and Europe-based investors 23% respectively, a slight increase from 12 months ago (21%). These numbers refer to institutional investors which

03 Jul. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Not all hedge funds withstood Brexit shock: hedge fund news, week 26 [more]

In the week ending 01 July, 2016, in Europe, a majority of commentators expect that Brexit will have long lasting impacts on the financial markets and global growth. George Soros warned that the Brexit has ‘unleashed’ a crisis in the financial markets similar to the 2008 global financi

25 Jun. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Redemtions, losses and some gains for hedge funds after Brexit vote: hedge fund news, week 25 [more]

In the week ending 24 June 2016, global markets buckled as Britain’s vote to leave the European Union drove the pound to the lowest in more than 30 years. In Europe, UK asset managers are bracing for redemptions after the Brits voted out of the EU while hedge funds in the U.K. were divided ov

18 Jun. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds shrink as liquidations outpace new launches in Q1: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]

In the week ending 17 May, 2016, HFR said hedge fund liquidations declined narrowly to begin 2016 after rising sharply to conclude 2015, as investors positioned f

11 Jun. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Majority of institutional investors view hedge funds as top investment strategy: hedge fund news, week 23 [more]

In the week ending 10 June, 2016, a study by BNY Mellon has found that institutional investors are planning to boost their allocations to alt

04 Jun. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: $1bn hedge fund Club still saw net inflows despite pullout from NYCERS and MetLife: hedge fund news, week 22 [more]

In the week ending 03 June 2016, a study has found that the largest members of the $1bn hedge fund Club still saw net inflows so far in 2016 despite withdrawals fr

28 May. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Listed hedge fund assets in UK drop from GBP9bn to just 3bn: hedge fund news, week 21 [more]

In the week ending 27 May, 2016, it was reported that listed hedge funds in the UK have been “decimated” by investor outflows and fund closures since the financial crisis while in general ETF

21 May. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund managers continue launching UCITS funds: hedge fund news, week 20 [more]

In the week ending 20 May, 2016, Tages Capital has launched a global credit long/short fund called Tages Fore UCITS Fund; Capital Group will launch a UCITS version of its flagship U.S. equities strategy, Investment Company of America; and Lyxor Asset has partnered with SEB to launch an innovative da

15 May. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: 282 US public pensions, 20% more than 2010, invest in hedge funds with 10% average allocation: hedge fund news, week 19 [more]

In the week ending 13 May, 2016, Data from Preqin showed that institutional investors, like public pensions, are sticking with hedge funds despite frustrations. The number of public pensions that use hedge funds has steadily increased to 282 in 2016 from 234 in 2010, while the average hedge f

07 May. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: With searches on for $20bn new hedge fund mandates, institutions don’t follow NYCERS: hedge fund news, week 18 [more]

In the week ending 06 May, 2016, institutional investors are not following New York City's lead to dump hedge funds, data showed. Through April 28 2016, institutions hand

02 May. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: South Korean hedge fund growth to buck the trend: hedge fund news, week 17 [more]

In the week ending 29 April, 2016, in outlooks, Dan Loeb described the first quarter as "washout" and "catastrophic" for hedge funds and predicted a

23 Apr. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Despite falling hedge fund assets, industry sees high quality launches: hedge fund news, week 16 [more]

In the week ending 22 April, 2016, the HFR Global Hedge Fund Industry Report showed that hedge funds assets declined $15.1bn in Q1, marking not only the largest quarterly outflow since 2Q09, but also the first consecutive quarters of outflows since 2009; Eurekahedge reported that hedge funds

16 Apr. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Funds of hedge funds need at least $4.4bn to survive and thrive [more]

In the week ending 15 April, 2016, a survey has found that the evolution of funds of funds reflects the changing roles of traditional fund of funds in th

09 Apr. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: A bunch of top hedge funds suffered losses in March: hedge fund news, week 14 [more]

In the week ending 08 Apr, 2016, data from HSBC showed that a bunch of top hedge funds sustained performance losses in March while hedge funds in South Africa serviced by Peregrine Capital

02 Apr. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Some US mega hedge funds gain ground again in Q1: hedge fund news, week 13 [more]

In the week ending 11 March, 2016, in the U.S., hedge funds are crowding into U.S. Treasuries, and that has bond traders bracing for more turbulence. Daniel Loeb's Third Point Partners fund gained 3.2% in March but is off 1.9% for the year while Barry Rosenstein's Jana Partners Fund i

26 Mar. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds gain by mid-March but still down for the year: hedge fund news, week 12 [more]

In the week ending 25 March, 2016, the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index gained +0.66% (-2.32% YTD); The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index

19 Mar. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Clerkenwell Matterhorn real estate hedge fund up net 91% since inception in Sept. 2012: hedge fund news, week 11 [more]

In the week ending 18 March, 2016, Opalesque reported the Clerkenwell Matterhorn Fund is up net 91% since inception in Sept. 2012, annualizing a 20.5% net return

12 Mar. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Florida’s State Board of Administration content with hedge fund returns and fee level: hedge fund news, week 10 [more]

In the week ending 11 March, 2016, Florida’s State Board of Administration has said that its hedge fund investments produced a handsome profit for the pension fund. For the three years that ended Nov. 30, Florida made an average annual return of 9.6 percent on its hedge fund investments after expens

05 Mar. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: One third of investors search for new alternative investments: hedge fund news, week 09 [more]

In the week ending 04 March, 2016, it was reported that one third of investors are carrying out manager searches for new alternative investment mandates. Research among c

27 Feb. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Investors to add hedge funds, quant strategies in 2016: hedge fund news, week 08 [more]

In the week ending 26 February, 2016, a Deutsche Bank survey showed that hedge fund investors are backing equity long-short for 2016; the Alternative

20 Feb. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Warren Buffett’s chosen index in commanding lead over hedge funds : hedge fund news, week 07 [more]

In the week ending 19 February, 2016, in miscellaneous hedge fund news it was reported that Warren Buffett’s chosen index fund holds a commanding lead over a collection

13 Feb. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Short hedge funds and managed futures shine in early 2016: hedge fund news, week 06 [more]

In the week ending 12 February, 2016, while some of the biggest hedge funds are reporting negative performances so far this year, the HSBC Hedge Fund performance showed that short hedge funds and managed futures are

06 Feb. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Investors put $29bn in quant hedge funds reversing 2014 trend: hedge fund news, week 05 [more]

In the week ending 05 February 2016 it was reported that quant hedge funds, who use mathematical models to bet across asset classes, raised a net $29bn last year, reversing a $16bn outflow in 2014. Meanwhile, a report by Barclays has found that recent trends in fees, liquidity and transparency sugge

30 Jan. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds beat equities. liquid alts in 2015: hedge fund news, week 04 [more]

In the week ending 29 January, 2016, AIMA reported that hedge funds outperformed stocks and bonds on a risk-adjusted basis last year; a study by Beachhead Capi

23 Jan. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Only 72 hedge funds launched in 2015, down from 149 in 2012 : hedge fund news, week 03 [more]

In the week ending 22 January, 2016, a Eurekahedge report said hedge fund launches are on the decline with 72 recorded last year (until November) from 117 launches in 2014 and 14

16 Jan. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds brace, fund liquidations up 25%: hedge fund news, week 03 [more]

In the week ending 16 January, 2016, the outlook amongst hedge funds is that they are said to be bracing for more pain this year. The pace of hedge fund liquidations climbed

09 Jan. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: Continued institutional demand ensures billions of hedge fund inflows also in 2016: hedge fund news, week 01 [more]

In the week ending 08 January, 2016, the outlook of eVestment showed that the hedge fund industry is, barring the occurrence of an outlier event, in a decent position for another year of growth. Hedge funds are seen to attract between $50 billion and $60 billion in new assets in 2016, with in

02 Jan. 2016. Opalesque Roundup: As China counts 24,625 hedge funds, managers globally hope for better opportunities in 2016: hedge fund news, week 53 [more]

In the week ending 01 January, 2016, the Asset Management Association of China has announced that 24,625 hedge funds are active onshore in Mainland China (“sunshine funds”, see also the recent Opalesque Hong Kong Roundtable for more

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    Benedicte Gravrand, Opalesque London for New Managers: SJL Capital LLC, an investment advisory firm based in California, has launched its maiden fund, the SJL MarketDNA Hedge Fund LP. The fund, which began trading

  2. Manny Roman to move from Man to Pimco[more]

    Benedicte Gravrand, Opalesque London: Emmanuel (Manny) Roman, an investment world veteran, has been hired by PIMCO, the large US bond fund house, as chief executive officer. PIMCO's current CEO Douglas Hodge will assume a new role as managing director and senior advisor when Roman joins P

  3. Europe - European hedge funds shrink and shutter as turmoil hurts returns, Investors go bargain-hunting for U.K. property after Brexit vote, Brexit: Guidance for fund directors - what to know and what to ask[more]

    European hedge funds shrink and shutter as turmoil hurts returns From Europe’s hedge-fund industry contracted for a sixth straight quarter as the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union and concerns that China’s growth is slowing caused losses and forced some money man

  4. Platinum Partners starts liquidation of hedge funds following municipal union kickback scandal[more]

    Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia: Platinum Partners, the hedge fund in the middle of a New York City municipal union kickback investigation, is reported to be liquidating two of its funds, the New

  5. SWFs - Abu Dhabi wealth fund says long-term investment gains fell[more]

    From The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds, said its long-term gains dropped in 2015. The fund’s 20-year annual rate of return slowed to 6.5 percent at the end of 2015, from 7.4 percent a year earlier, it said in its annual review. Over