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Opalesque’s New Managers Sunday September 24, 2017

NEW MANAGERS - Launch issue of Opalesque's Monthly Emerging Manager Monitor - 36 pages Research & Intelligence

Welcome to the first issue of New Managers, Opalesque’s new monthly monitor of emerging managers.

Our first issue is jam-packed with useful data.

First, the number crunchers: Florian Guldner gives you the December results for Opalesque’s Emerging Managers (EManagers) indices.

Peter Urbani then deconstructs the funds contained in the indices with relish, and shows how emerging managers add significant alpha, in “Statistics.”

This month’s “Focus” piece looks at how emerging managers are dealing with current high levels of scrutiny from regulators and investors (especially in the U.S.) – who are reacting to the Madoff scandal and a greater awareness of the financial frauds going on.

David Sung, a hedge fund manager, Alissa Douglas, an investor, Dennis Heskel, a platform provider, and Rich Goldman, a lawyer, give their view points on the matter. Part 2 of the article relates the recent actions taken by regulators, their warnings and the number of frauds this side of the century.

We look at the maiden fund launches last month, recount recent analysts’ findings on emerging managers and discuss the challenges and opportunities in store for emerging managers and give appropriate advice.

I hope New Managers will be of benefit to you. Do contact me if you have any related news.

Benedicte Gravrand

Editor Opalesque New Managers


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