Opalesque Futures Briefing » Advisors http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing Futures Briefing Sun, 20 Nov 2016 23:09:55 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.7.1 en hourly 1 Managed futures CTA hedge funds give up gains after Brexit heroics http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13229 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13229#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2016 23:20:23 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13229 Managed futures CTAs have been hard hit recently and multiple ends of the time horizon curve. After the election, bond yields jumped significantly, moving from 1.55% last month to 2.11% today. If the US central bank pulls back on monetary stimulus and raises interest rates, and the Trump administration pushes fiscal stimulus, bonds could trend significantly higher in yield, lower…

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CTAs bucking the hedge fund outflow trend http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13181 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13181#comments Mon, 24 Oct 2016 01:58:50 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13181 Eurekahedge is out with its latest monthly report on hedge funds, which by its data saw their fifth straight month of investor redemptions. That pushed net investor allocations into the red for the year, with $8.7 billion in outflows as of September, the steepest year-to-date redemption level since 2009.
The US$254.6 billion CTA/managed futures hedge fund industry has seen its asset…

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SEC bars adviser for failing to disclose conflicts of interests in commodities fund http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13171 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13171#comments Mon, 24 Oct 2016 01:57:11 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13171 The Securities and Exchange Commission has barred the founder of Danville, Calif.-based Valentine Capital Asset Management after failing to disclose financial conflicts of interests to clients invested in a commodities fund.
John Leo Valentine, president and owner of Valentine Capital Asset Management, recommended clients buy and hold shares of Bridgeton Global Directional Fund, a managed futures fund that invested in…

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CTAs finish negative Q3 with muted performance in September http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13167 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13167#comments Sun, 16 Oct 2016 22:10:40 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13167 Societe Generale Prime Services today announces the September and full Q3 performance data for its SG CTA indices and shares its year to date performance review. September continued to be a difficult month for CTA strategies, with the flagship SG CTA Index entering negative territory for the first full quarter since Q2 2015, and ended the month down -1.20%. All…

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Commodity Trading Advisers Come into Focus http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13127 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13127#comments Sun, 09 Oct 2016 23:03:18 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13127 For one type of computer-driven fund, amassing giant positions in currencies, bonds, stocks and other assets is becoming the norm. Commodity trading advisers, or CTAs are computer-driven funds that try to make money betting on market trends and patterns.
Many of these funds have been betting against sterling and probably profited handsomely from Friday’s chaotic trading and fall in the…

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Machine learning to revolutionise investing http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13100 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13100#comments Mon, 03 Oct 2016 00:51:22 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13100 Financial advisers are increasingly recognising the benefits of machine learning for investors, according to Man AHL. Encouraged by the rise of big data and evolving technologies, Man says the artificial intelligence solution is developing into a powerful investment tool. The group, which is actively researching machine learning techniques, has already successfully introduced machine learning models across its own client trading…

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Top 100 Independent Advisors http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13013 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13013#comments Mon, 29 Aug 2016 00:05:31 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13013 Independent financial advisors are a fast-growing group. And many of them attribute their success to delivering a “fiduciary” standard of client care—in which clients’ interests are placed first and foremost.
“I strongly feel we have a significant competitive advantage in clients’ eyes,” says advisor Chuck Bean, in Westwood, Mass., who ranks 60 on this year’s annual listing of America’s Top…

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CTA funds gain in July http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12986 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12986#comments Mon, 22 Aug 2016 00:53:08 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12986 The hedge fund industry posted overall returns of 2.17 per cent in July, says Preqin. All leading strategies posted positive returns for the month, with equity strategies (+2.78 per cent) and event driven strategies (+2.71 per cent) in particular making gains.
CTA funds followed June’s gains of 2.22 per cent by returning 0.30 per cent in July, taking 2016 YTD performance…

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CTA/managed futures Gain http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12974 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12974#comments Mon, 15 Aug 2016 01:23:14 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12974 Hedge funds were up during the month of July, gaining 1.52% while underlying markets as represented by the MSCI World Index (Local) were up 4.18%. Roughly 73% of the underlying constituent hedge funds for the Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index were in positive territory this month thanks to a broad-based global equity market rally and an improving investor risk appetite post-Brexit.…

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JPMorgan Says CTAs, Macro Hedge Funds Can Push Stocks Higher http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12922 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12922#comments Mon, 01 Aug 2016 01:18:10 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=12922 Fully three quarters of Japanese government bonds are trading at negative rates, and this has led investors to flock to foreign stocks, including those in the US, a JPMorgan Asset Allocation report noted. Does the US stock market have room to climb higher? Yes, the analysts said, citing additional capacity in managed futures CTA and Macro hedge fund portfolios.
JPMorgan: CTA…

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