Opalesque Futures Briefing » Market http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing Futures Briefing Sun, 20 Nov 2016 23:09:55 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.7.1 en hourly 1 Money Talks: The details http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13240 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13240#comments Sun, 20 Nov 2016 23:09:02 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13240 As inquiries continue to grow about the implementation of managed futures, often the first question is “… what percentage is appropriate for the overall portfolio mix?” Here is where a professional should be involved with the details as they truly can be overwhelming.
We have often referenced the Nobel Prize winning research known as Modern Portfolio Theory. The details are…

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How Funds Bet the Election http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13233 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13233#comments Sun, 20 Nov 2016 23:08:00 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13233 Many CTA and CPO (managed futures) funds put on another type of hedge fund trade intended to make money if Mr. Trump won: a bet that a spike in copper prices would accompany his trillion-dollar infrastructure promises.
By Nov. 8, CTAs and CPOs had increased their net long positions in copper by 25.3%. That futures buying moved copper past certain standard…

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Time to invest in managed futures? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13227 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13227#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2016 23:20:00 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13227 CTAs and managed futures have been hit by the poor performance of commodities in recent years and the end of the so-called ‘super cycle’. But is the case for these strategies still valid? A managed futures fund invests with an absolute return perspective, i.e. the fund manager tries to make money in all market environments and does do not follow…

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Inside the Ropes at Managed Futures/Macro Conference http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13221 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13221#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2016 23:18:59 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13221 As a Chicago-based firm, we never thought to celebrate the first Cubs World Series win in over 100 years in Austin, TX – but there we were nonetheless, with our sponsorship of the welcome reception for the “Managed Futures & Global Macro: Strategies to Optimize Institutional Portfolios” conference by TalkingHedge butting up against the start of the World Series game…

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Gross’s Unconstrained Fund Cut From Morningstar ‘Prospects’ http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13213 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13213#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2016 23:17:29 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13213 Bill Gross’s Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund was removed from a list of up-and-coming strategies compiled by Morningstar Inc. because of performance and questions about the fund’s management, the Chicago-based researcher said Tuesday.
The fund was taken off the list “because returns have been so-so versus major bond indexes, and there are questions about the resources behind Gross following the removal…

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NuWave Investment Management, LLC Launches Short-Term Futures Portfolio http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13209 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13209#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2016 23:16:57 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13209 NuWave adds intra-day futures program to complement its diversified suite of portfolio offerings; Short-Term Futures Portfolio commenced trading in July of 2016 with $20 million in assets under management.
The Short-Term Futures Portfolio represents a new model set that is entirely focused on short-term directional trading opportunities, yet shares a common heritage with many of NuWave’s existing trading methodologies (borrowing…

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Decorrelation, Natixis focuses on managed futures and alternative fund http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13199 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13199#comments Sun, 30 Oct 2016 23:04:10 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13199 Increase the degree of diversification of a predominantly equity portfolio, facing increasingly interconnected and related markets. This is what we propose to do Natixis with the launch of a fund investing in managed futures managed by AlphaSimplex Group, a leading investment company of the French group specializing in alternative strategies.
The fund Managed Futures AlphaSimplex will co-managed by a team…

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Hedge Funds: ‘An Industry In Crisis?’ http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13192 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13192#comments Sun, 30 Oct 2016 23:02:53 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13192 Investors yanked some $10.3 billion from hedge funds last month, which brings the year-to-date total (through the end of the third quarter) to just under $60 billion. For the third quarter as a whole, redemptions of $29.2 billion were the largest the industry has seen since the first quarter of 2009, and it was the fourth straight quarter of outflows.…

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Three Reasons to Be Worried About the Blackstone Group http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13185 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13185#comments Sun, 30 Oct 2016 23:01:23 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13185 Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress and Clinton advisor-in-waiting were talking about Jonathan Gray, the global head of real estate and member of the board of directors of the Blackstone Group, a Wall Street private equity firm that is now the largest single owner of real estate in the entire…

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Q&A on CTAs: time to invest in managed futures? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13183 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13183#comments Mon, 24 Oct 2016 01:59:09 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=13183 CTAs and managed futures have been hit by the poor performance of commodities in recent years and the end of the so-called ‘super cycle’. But is the case for these strategies still valid? Citywire Selector spoke to Citywire AA-rated Hans-Olov Bornemann of SEB, who runs the SEB Asset Selection, which has achieved a 10-year track record and also grown to…

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