Opalesque Futures Briefing http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing Futures Briefing Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:37:16 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.7.1 en hourly 1 What advisers should know about managed-futures funds http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11953 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11953#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:37:16 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11953 One asset class that is often overlooked by advisers is managed futures. These funds are sometimes thought of as using opaque strategies that are difficult to explain to clients and expensive to execute. Historically, there has been some truth to this. The strategies can be complex and, with some funds, there are layers of fees that are not always obvious…

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Managed futures hedge funds have yet another negative month http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11951 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11951#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:36:57 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11951 Managed futures funds experienced another negative month in August, their fourth in the last five months. Losses were more concentrated within smaller managers, as has been the case during most of this recent difficult stretch. Small managed futures products declined -1.80% in August and are -2.10% YTD, while large MF products were -0.37% in August, but +3.03% YTD.
The two…

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Barclay CTA Index down 1.60 per cent in August http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11948 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11948#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:36:28 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11948 Managed futures traders lost 1.60 per cent in August according to the Barclay CTA Index compiled by BarclayHedge. The Index is down 1.08 per cent year to date. “A global retreat from risk assets precipitated by China’s unexpected announcement of a currency devaluation weighed heavily on prices for commodities, equities, and Asian currencies,” says Sol Waksman (pictured), founder and president…

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Funds experiencing quiet revolution http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11946 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11946#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:36:13 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11946 Assets in U.S. registered alternative funds have risen from less than $50 billion under management in 2008 to well over $300 billion as of mid-2015. While growth has slowed from what Morningstar and Barron’s described as the “eye-popping” rates of 2013, money is still flooding into “multi-alternative” and managed futures retail products, in particular, with many new funds having been…

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Fund assets rise, but some managers are getting more http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11944 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11944#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:35:57 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11944 The majority of hedge fund and hedge funds-of-funds managers saw an increase in their assets in the year ended June 30, but there was wide dispersion between the best and worst firms and between hedge fund and hedge funds-of-funds managers.
Significantly more hedge fund managers — 70% — reported their assets managed worldwide grew in a year-to-year comparison than did hedge…

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Money Talks: By the numbers http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11942 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11942#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:35:43 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11942 There are no wholesale strategies that must comprise 100 percent of any one portfolio, however, as a percentage of the overall portfolio, insured index investing certainly holds a place in the overall success of any investment plan. As we step back and observe other options, a much maligned, misunderstood and underutilized strategy for investors is managed futures.
Yes, managed futures, in…

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Should You Invest in Alternative Alternatives? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11940 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11940#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:35:29 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11940 Once considered an investment vehicle only for sophisticated, high-net-worth individual investors, alternatives — real estate, private equity funds, hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, and venture capital — have become a standard component of almost every professionally-managed investment portfolio, growing twice as fast as non-alternatives since 2005.
With interest rates at zero and the introduction of crowdfunding-based financial innovations, investors are seeking…

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What are the alternatives to traditional investment? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11938 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11938#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:35:14 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11938 Many investors tend to go for the traditional asset types. These are stocks, cash, and bonds, and they can certainly bear financial fruit but are considered relatively safe. As anyone who invests knows, values of investments can go down as well as up. Alternatives for those who want to look for different investment mechanisms include real estate, hedge funds, managed…

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Discussing Managed Futures with Trader Vic and Meb Faber http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11936 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11936#comments Mon, 21 Sep 2015 00:02:07 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11936 Last week I spoke with Victor “Trader Vic” Sperandeo, CEO of Alpha Financial Technologies, and Mebane Faber, CIO of Cambria Investment Management. We talked about elements of systematic investment strategies, the prevailing macro landscape and the relevance of employing managed futures in portfolio allocation.
The Mechanics of Managed Futures: Sperandeo described managed futures as a strategy that focuses on volatility and…

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Are currency funds set for a comeback? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11934 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11934#comments Mon, 21 Sep 2015 00:01:51 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11934 Commodity trading advisor (CTA) strategies should benefit if market volatility remains high for a sustained period, and currency-focused funds are a particularly good bet, argues Harmen Overdijk, managing partner at Hong Kong-based Caidao Wealth.
He expects the high-volatility environment evident for the past couple of months to continue. “That is typically good for CTAs, when combined with clear trends.” CTAs…

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