Opalesque Futures Briefing http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing Futures Briefing Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:58:50 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.7.1 en hourly 1 Have wealth managers overlooked the best hedging strategy in town? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11700 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11700#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:58:50 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11700 The hedge fund community has had a good start to 2015. According to Preqin, hedgies and their funds have now returned 5.4% for 2015 YTD, compared to 4.6% for the whole of 2014. Much of the most fascinating part of the turnaround has been focused on CTA, or managed futures funds. These are run by very diverse managers, most of…

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What’s next for managed futures? http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11698 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11698#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:57:38 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11698 Surge in performance of managed futures strategies examined by quant and systematic trading experts at the Global Alternative Investment Management conference. Last year at GAIM, the managed futures discussion was a bit different as funds suffered from a heavy drawdown period. Fast forward to today, and there’s been a big recovery after a strong years’ performance.
This performance swing brings up…

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Managing the Future With These Alternative Funds http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11696 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11696#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:57:04 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11696 After a strong 2014 run, managed futures are roaring back on the liquid alternatives stage, as investors poured $1.6 billion into these trend-following mutual funds. There is certainly a degree of performance-chasing here, considering that investors had nearly given up on the strategy. Since the group’s meteoric 2008 rise–that year managed-futures funds were one of the few Morningstar Categories to…

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Managed futures strategies increased in May http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11694 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11694#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:56:47 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11694 Hedge Funds Investor Inflows Increased In May, AUM At $3.171 Trillion by eVestment. After a slowdown in April, investor allocations to managed futures strategies increased in May. The universe took in an estimated $2.0 billion during the month, bringing YTD total inflow to $10.6 billion. YTD 2015 inflows are the highest since 2011 ($11.9 billion through May of that year).…

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Credit Suisse Managed Futures Liquid Index Down 4.46% in June http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11692 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11692#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:56:33 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11692 The Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index (CSLAB), which aims to reflect the performance of the overall hedge fund industry, finished down 2.05% in June. The Merger Arbitrage strategy was the strongest performer, finishing down 0.25% in June. Worst of the bunch was the CS Managed Futures Liquid Index, which lost -4.46%. But, the Managed Futures strategy remains the highest performer…

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Commodity Trading Advisor http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11689 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11689#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:55:49 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11689 Here is a list that we’ve developed for Individual investors to know the answers to or ask before investing their risk capital with a Commodity Trading Advisor or Professional Money Manager. This checklist is ever evolving as new information comes to light or the dynamics change in the market place.
Our hope in providing this list of questions is to assist…

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Alternative Investments, ETFs Are Increasingly Popular http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11686 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11686#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:55:13 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11686 Institutional investors and hedge funds are expected to significantly raise their allocation to alternative investment strategies ahead. With exchange traded funds, any investor can access alts strategies as well. According to PwC, the alternative investment industry is expected to expand fivefold to at least $13.6 trillion in the next half decade, compared to its current $2.5 trillion, reports Svea Herbst-Bayliss…

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Managed Futures has room to grow http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11684 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11684#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:54:57 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11684 The Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards honored the best of the managed futures industry in Chicago June 24. The event spotlights recent successes for Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) in an area of investing not always known or understood – an alternative to equities and bonds that includes positions in commodity and financial futures markets.
In the investing industry, where success is usually…

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PIMCO Introduces the PIMCO TRENDS Managed Futures Strategy http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11682 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11682#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:54:33 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11682 The PIMCO TRENDS Managed Futures Strategy, a quantitative alternative strategy that seeks positive returns by capturing momentum across major asset classes, is informed by PIMCO’s market knowledge, macroeconomic insights and quantitative research capabilities. In addition, PIMCO TRENDS leverages the firm’s global trading platform across cash and derivatives markets and its expertise in active fixed income management.
As portfolio manager Vineer…

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Money Talks: Less is more … again http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11680 http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11680#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:54:20 +0000 shailaja http://www.opalesque.com/Futures_Briefing/?p=11680 Depending on the source, there are numerous examples of how diversification through managed futures cannot only reduce risk, but actually increase returns … and in some cases, drastically increased returns. In fact, Modern Portfolio Theory has proved time and time again that the most efficient frontier as far as risk reward goes, includes ownership of manage futures.
We have seen…

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