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Are commodities a buy?

Posted on 15 April 2013

Your investment portfolio already has stocks and bonds. Do you need to add commodities such as soybeans, copper and oil as well? Some experts argue that you should—and that this may be a good moment in which to make the move.

Gold, long a secure investment, loses its luster

Posted on 15 April 2013

It is a remarkable turnabout for an investment that many have long regarded as one of the safest of all. The decline has been so swift that some Wall Street analysts are declaring the end of a golden age of gold. The stakes are high: the last time the metal went through a patch like this, in the 1980s, its…

Crunch-time for money managers as swaps clearing deadline nears

Posted on 15 April 2013

Asset managers have been slow to set up accounts with clearing houses for over-the-counter derivatives ahead of a mandatory deadline, creating a nearly unmanageable backlog that could leave many firms unable to trade, industry participants said.

Money managers expect regulation to add to costs

Posted on 15 April 2013

Executives say companies are moving away from the check-the-boxes form of compliance to creating a more integrated investment risk culture.

China’s swaps trade near one-month low as economic growth slows

Posted on 15 April 2013

China’s one-year interest-rate swaps traded near a one-month low after data showed economic growth unexpectedly slowed in the first quarter.

Bringing derivatives to Bitcoin should help stabilise the price

Posted on 15 April 2013

This is something that all financial economists know and something that just about everyone else disagrees with them on. Having derivatives in a market helps to stabilise prices in that market:
Some say that the recent rise of more advanced bitcoin-related financial services, including hedge funds, futures, and derivatives markets, could help stabilize the future of Bitcoin.

Most fund investors don’t know if their fees are reasonable

Posted on 15 April 2013

Are your mutual funds worth what you are paying to own them? Most investors answer that crucial question backwards, saying that the fund’s results either do or do not justify the percentage that management keeps for itself.

Credit Suisse Managed Futures Liquid Index up 1.46pct in March

Posted on 08 April 2013

The Credit Suisse LAB Index was up 1.22% in March according to Dr. Jordan Drachman, Head of Alternative Beta Strategies at Credit Suisse. Dr. Drachman noted, “The Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index (CSLAB), which aims to reflect the performance of the overall hedge fund industry, finished up 1.22% in March. The Merger Arbitrage strategy was the strongest performer for…

Survey results show 73pct of CTA/CPO respondents impacted by FCM failure

Posted on 08 April 2013

Horizon Cash Management said today that 73% of the commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and commodity pool operators (CPOs) that responded to its survey were impacted by one or more of the futures commission merchant (FCM) failures mentioned in the study.

Lyxor’s Hedge fund index remains positive in March

Posted on 08 April 2013

The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index was up +0.62% in March, bringing year-to-date performance to +2.36%, according to the latest update published today by the firm. March was dominated by political turmoil in Italy and the specter of a bank run in Cyprus. On the other hand, US economic momentum keeps improving and by endorsing Kuroda as the new BoJ governor,…

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