Mon, Feb 2, 2015
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Opalesque Roundup: Hedge fund industry’s asset growth mostly from performance: hedge fund news, week 06

In the week ending 30 January, 2015, AIMA and CAIA said investors earned $1.5tln in assets from hedge funds over the last 10 years; Barclays said that the hedge fund industry’s assets more than doubled to $2.85tln in six years mostly from performance; BlueMountain Capital management has reached a first close on its BlueMountain Summit Opportunities Fund II at $1bn; Blackstone's economic net income (ENI) declined 6%in the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2014 to $1.45bn; and Rothschild’s fund posted 7.1% gain in 2014.

Joel S. Salomon launched the SaLaurMor Capital hedge fund with emphasis on downside risk control; Blackstone Group sets up its first energy-focused credit fund; Carl Whelahan is raising between $100m and $200 to launch his own hedge fund; Jeffrey Helman and Jeffrey Hoffner are starting a stock-focused hedge fund firm called Engle Capital Management; Tony Hsu is preparing to launch his own hedge fund in March; NewOak launched a new private fund that focuses on buying newly originated, nonqualified residential mortgages; Tom Einhorn said he would launch a new hedge fund that will invest in distressed debt; Columbia Management has announced the launch of a liquid alternative mutual fund, the Columbia Adaptive Alternatives Fund; V2 Capital converted assets from his Hedge Equity Strategy Limited Partnership Structure into the new V2 Hedged Equity Fund; QInvest has partnered with Pioneer Investments to launch a sharia’a-compliant European Equities fund; and Michael Karsch and Adam Weiss planned to launch new funds less than two years after closing their old firms.

The Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index ended December up +0.09% (+3.9%);
And the Parker FX Index reported a +0.67% returns (+3.65% in 2014) on strong U.S

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