Sat, Oct 10, 2015
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Opalesque Roundup: IRAs represent billions of untapped capital for hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 41

In the week ending 02 October, 2015, Opalesque reported that self-directed IRAs represent billions of dollars in untapped capital for hedge funds; Aberdeen Asset is bracing for more investor outflows, the company said; alternative mutual funds, which mimic the strategies of hedge funds, have outflows that are harder to predict, the SEC said; financial advisers are pouring more money into smart beta funds; and stock mutual fund managers who tucked extra cash under their mattresses this year have fared well.

Blackstone has raised $15.8bn to launch its new global real estate fund, Blackstone Real Estate Partners VIII; Frank Qian is planning a new hedge fund that would focus on Chinese equities; Pictet AM will launch Pictet-Robotics, a new robotics and AI hedge fund; Roxbury Asset has raised $47 million for its launch in a tricky environment for start-ups; Chris Rokos has gained approval from the U.K.’s financial regulator to start his own hedge fund in London; Lazard has launched a European long-short fund for ex-Henderson manager Léopold Arminjon; and American Beacon Advisors has launched the American Beacon Grosvenor Long/Short Fund.

Finisterre Capital has announced it will launch the Finisterre Emerging Market Debt Total Return Strategy; Franklin Templeton has announced the launch of Franklin K2 Long Short Credit Fund (Class A); alternative mutual fund firm Catalyst Funds has announced the launch of two new liquid alternative funds; and Nikko Asset Management has launched a Luxemburg-domiciled Asia ex-Japan Equity UCITS fund.

Cargill is winding down its $7.4bn Black River Asset Management.

The Lyxor CTA Broad Index gained 1.2% as of Sept. 15 (-1.5% YTD).

Large hedge funds, or those with $1bn or more assets, provided stronger performance as of the end of August; the LH Asian Trade Finance Fund gained 0.25% in August; Lansdowne Partners and Passport Capital made profits as Glencore’s shares slid 29%; the Vilas Fund posted a five-year annualized returns, net of fees, of 23.47% vs

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