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Opalesque Roundup: Hedge funds back to double-digit gains: hedge fund news, week 47

Monday, November 20, 2017

In the week ending 17 November, 2017, a group of prominent hedge funds have roared back with market-trouncing returns in 2017, with at least 20% performance returns. Alkeon Capital returned 16.23% year-to-date but still sees massive opportunities in tech sector. The Barnegat Fund is up 19.2% in 2017 (+0.7% in October); Singapore's PruLev Global Macro Fund is steaming ahead with a 47% gain this year; Light Street Capital is up 53% through October and is betting on further drop in IBM stock. Pierre Andurand's hedge fund has continued to recover from losses and is up 5% in October; and Incline Global Fund is back on its double-digit returns track, up 16.31% on the year. However other reports said that hedge fund returns in certain categories are experiencing fat tail correlation and return extremes when compared to players inside a particular category. Multi-manager hedge funds have recovered from below-par returns in 2016, with investors adding $1.2bn in the first three quarters. Meanwhile a report by Morningstar showed that many alternative funds have disappointing returns for investors.

OP Investment Management has partnered with Marinius Research (Cayman) to launch Marinius Fund; Avenue Capital expects to raise around $1bn to launch a distressed assets-focused fund; Beacon Trust ......................

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