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Artificial Intelligence: The fight for talent

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia:

The growth of artificial intelligence has pushed fund managers to utilize this technology and explore new ways to use it to their advantage, said John Harrison, a partner and Group CFO/COO at Amplitude Capital, a systematic CTA hedge fund, at the latest Opalesque 2017 UK Roundtable.

"Artificial intelligence has become a big debate now in our industry which we clearly can't ignore," Harrison stated. "Also at Amplitude, there is a push to examine the extent to which we can utilize AI as a means of enhancing what we already do and also explore new ways."

However, the bottleneck is obviously talent, which is very limited in its availability and becoming more desirable. From a business perspective, the art would be "to enter the fray at the optimal time", he said.

Harrison continued, "AI projects will have a lead time before results can be determined, but managers must not ignore the subject. Some managers are actually making remarkable progress in this area, and if you get left behind, there's always a danger that you are left holding the Nokia mobile telephone when iPhones are coming out, and nobody really wants to be in that spot."

Despite elements of hype, the underlying technology is undoubtedly there and will grow

Dr Toby Goodworth, head of Diversifying Strategies at investment consultan......................

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